Disclosure – A Word with Many Meanings

July 8, 2012

Let us address the word “disclosure” – all along we have been considering “disclosure” to mean the announcement to the world that we are not alone and that “they” are here. Of course they’re here. “They” have been here forever. And I mean FOR-EVER. They are us. We are they. We come from ancient galactic seed. Their DNA is OUR DNA. So, let’s end this discussion and move forward.

“Disclosure” can also mean the revealing of our ancient truths; the real history of this planet. How long we’ve been here. What we’re made of. Why there are so many artifacts around the globe that are so similar in design and layout (and yes, they really DO orient to the stars and planets – star maps, if you will). And the fact that there are archeological finds that tell us that somewhere in our distant past – tens of thousands of years ago – we tried to blow ourselves up with nuclear technology.

“Disclosure” in a third context can also relate to the disclosure of the financial finagling that’s been going on for thousands of years on this planet. For example, how involved is the Vatican; and the fact that so many of our Presidents (duly “elected” by the public – well, actually the Electoral College) share the same DNA as the English Monarchy. And let’s not ignore the fact that it is now coming out officially that the Fed really isn’t what the common man (aka, the duped public in America) has always considered it to be.

I love the word DISCLOSURE. It means to much to so many. And I am so ready for all of this information to be made public, so that the world can know what those of us who have been studying it for so long have always known.

I welcome your comments, but I will not allow rants or insults, nor will I allow radicalism to run rampant here. That is not the point of this blog. And yes, I DO screen comments. Just saying that.


2 Responses to “Disclosure – A Word with Many Meanings”

  1. Andy Says:

    Some of the truth’s when revealed will upset many of the people who are not awake. So it will be up to us (in our local area’s) to help calm things down if necessary, the more we can reveal through our blogs the better.

    Rather than re-blogging any thing from my blog you have my permission to copy the articles in full if you like.

    Love & Peace

  2. janielaurel Says:

    Thank you Andy, I shall do so. I realized a while back that I needed to re-up the blog work. The more we put “out there”, the more people will have access to, and the more the words have the potential to shake out the cobwebs. I posted this so long ago! 😀

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