I had a conversation with someone a few weeks ago about the Second Amendment issues. Her response to me about “being in a position of peace” and working from a space of love was, “I hope peace does come, but until that time I shall retain my weapons. Trust Gaia but keep your gun handy; because being peaceful does not mean being helpless.”

I beg to differ. Being PEACE-filled means believing that you could not possibly have an event come up that would require using said weapon, does it not? You cannot possess a weapon without it possessing YOU. You cannot possess a weapon without owning the INTENT of the possibility of having to use it and thereby inflict injury upon another human. You cannot live in a unified community if you perceive the community is divided.


Awareness is not a gift that some have and others cannot attain.  Awareness is your birthright and your inheritance. You have it now.

It is not a question of whether you have it, but of whether you are using it.  All human beings have the gift of Awareness.  Yet not all are aware that they are Aware.  When you are aware that you are Aware, your experience of Awareness shifts to a new level.  That is why this is being sent to you today. You called this forth, out of your own inner Awareness. This is You, waking you up.

Today, walk in Awareness. Do so by simply choosing to do so. Allow yourself to be aware of every person’s feelings, of what fits perfectly and is ‘right’ in every  moment, of what is wanted and needed from you as a healer and a messenger Right Here, Right Now. Walk in this Awareness, and watch your life change today.

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